Caregiving – are you prepared?

“They’re trying to kill me!” my Mom screamed into the telephone. I had just gotten home on a Sunday morning after spending all day Saturday with my Mom and staying overnight (trying to sleep in a chair in her room) to try to keep her calm in her new environment at the nursing home. I quickly assured my Mom I was on my way back, hung up the phone, put my head in my hands and proceeded to have a mini nervous breakdown. Read More…

Meet Your Neighbors in Lincoln Park

Exciting things are happening in the Lincoln Park district of Duluth. This west end area was run down until a few years ago – it’s now vibrant and lively. The owners of Frost River, OMC Smokehouse and Bent Paddle have sparked something great. Positive energy and smiles are bringing in customers. The local business owners are helping each other grow. Check out and for updates.